Calabar is more of a tourist capital in Nigeria. The capital of the Cross River State is known for its rich culture, beautiful sight, good food, great hospitality, and tourist centers. The State Capital was formerly known as “Akwa akpa”.

The hospitality exhibited by the state has grown even to international recognition and has been a good experience to the tourist around the world.

The megacity is divided into Calabar Municipal and Calabar South Local Government Areas. In the last Census (2006) Calabar has a population of 371,022 people.

Here are some interesting places to visit in Calabar

Marina Resort

Marina Resort: The Marina Resort serves as a recreational center and also a historical site in Calabar with amazing things to see. The Marina resort has some great scores in tourism and has made Calabar more interesting for guests from over the world. The entry fee to the resort can be very affordable but not unstable. The peak period can see a rise in the price.

Rich in Sculptures: The city is also rich in sculpture. Not just any kind of sculpture but beautiful sculptures. The Mary Slessor Sculpture is a good example of one, It is a historical sculpture that talks about the historical stopping of the Killing of twin in the State in the year 1888.

Calabar Carnival: Calabar Carnival festival in Nigeria is rumored to be the "Africa's Biggest Street Party", and also the number one tourist destination for Nigerians and tourists all over the world. The Calabar Carnival invites people all over the world for the yearly events ranging from National visitors to International guests in attendance and representation. The party is unending and loaded with so much fun and activities. The beautiful ladies displaying their attires and beauty to the bikers displaying their skills.

The Calabar carnival is always an exceptional event that begins every 1 December and lasts until 31 December. The Carnival has boosted the cultural value of the Calabar people and also Nigeria. It is very entertaining and a must watch to guests all over the world and as such boosting the industry for associates.

The Calabar carnival started in the year 2004 and the originator was his excellency, Ex-Governor Donald Duke in his bid to make his state Calabar a tourism hub in the country. The Calabar Carnival has grown wide than expected and has a prestigious event in the history of the people.

Slave Museum.

Slave Museum: The slave history museum was established in the year 2011. The slave trade museum is a place that reflects on the historical event of Nigeria. The slave trade museum is located at Marina Resort, Calabar.
The museum is really a place to visit in Calabar and have to spend some time learning so much on the slave trade activity in the country.

Many slaves were conveyed out of the country through the Calabar seas and this museum shows us how they were being transported and the life of these slaves on their journey to live with their new masters. The museums also have some audio presentation and stage by stage adventure by the slaves. 

Amazing Food: The State Capital is known for its food varieties and delicious cuisine. The food is affordable and at the same time palatable. The State Capital is known to make soups like Abak Atama, Afia Efere Soup, Oto Mboro and Ekoki.
Afi Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary: This is also a top tourist sight in the state. The wildlife is really something you might want to discern.