Quickteller is a robust consumer services platform for convenient Airtime Recharge, Funds Transfer, Bill Payments, Western Union Transfer.

Quickteller is one of the fastest and safe ways to make payment in the new tech generation will little or no charges.

Quickteller is a Platform (financial service application) that allows you to purchase airtime, pay bills, send and receive money. Some services on this platform would attract a charge.

Your email address and phone number must be used at sign-up and serves as a means of communicating information, notices and documents to you.

The Platform uses a two-factor authentication software for fraud, risk, and compliance monitoring, known as Safetoken. Safetoken generates a 6-8 digit One-Time-Password (OTP) whenever a transaction is initiated.

You are responsible for all transactions conducted using your computer (personal or otherwise), mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device (“Device”), payment card or account. It is your responsibility to keep all of these secured.

All passwords must be kept secret. You are liable for all activities undertaken using your username, associated password or Device. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all Account information and keeping your Device from unauthorized use.

Quickteller accepts no liability for any unauthorized use of your Device, payment card, or account or any effects of the same.

In the event, your Device has been stolen or there is unauthorized access to your payment card or account, it is your responsibility to immediately notify your bank to restrict transactions on your card and account.

In the event, your device has been stolen or there is unauthorized access to your Quickteller account, it is your responsibility to immediately log as a ticket on

If you dispute any purchase or withdrawal on your card or account, you will be required to prove that the transaction was effected without your authorization and such transaction will be investigated by our Fraud Team once we receive a logged ticket on

Customer Care is here to help. Opening hours: 9am- 6pm(Monday-Friday) and 10am -5pm on Saturday. To inquire about our products and services, or if you have questions regarding your order, contact us by e-mail ( [email protected] ). We look forward to hearing from you. The information you provide will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.