Tastee Fried Chicken is a fast-rising fast-food fried chicken restaurant headquartered in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.  DeTastee Group is a leading quick-service restaurant, Outdoor Caterers, Event Hall Managers and Home delivery hospitality outfit. Our sumptuous meals are produced under a very stringent hygienic environment with our branches located strategically with beautiful ambience for family and friends. Our event halls come with ultra-modern and vintage interior finishing to give guests a memorable experience. De Tastee Group operates in these 5 units to cater to different customer experience;

Quick Service Restaurant (Fast Food Services).
Tastee Pot (Outdoor Catering).
Tastee Event (Hall Rentals).
Tastee2U (Food Delivery Service).
Bunma Bakery (Bread and Cake Production).

The birth of De-Tastee Fried Chicken Limited is a translation of an idea conceived by an industrious woman, Mrs Olayinka Pamela Adedayo, which to the glory of God has transformed into a big organization and a great fortune not only for the owners but also to thousands of families across Nigeria and the larger society as a whole. In the quest to actualize the idea, she established Tastee Pot in 1989 to render outdoor catering services to distinguished and discerning clientele across Nigeria.

Tastee Pot has over the years become the outdoor caterer of the first choice, serving so many reputable individuals and organizations. The desire of Mrs Olayinka Adedayo to meet the yearnings of Nigerians, especially Lagosians for qualitative fast food service, considering her experience in Kentucky Fried Chicken, where she worked between 1978 and 1980 as a Manager, led to the diversification into fast food service with the establishment of De Tastee Fried Chicken Ltd in 1996. The coming on stream of Tastee Fried Chicken undoubtedly revolutionized the concept of fast food service in Nigeria.

The advent of the eatery with new concept of service, qualitative products, and exquisite ambience, became a reference point, but nonetheless, the company still up till today maintains an unusual standard of the concept of service. Tastee Fried Chicken which is undisputably highly reputed in Nigeria for quality fast food service has at present fourteen outlets, in metropolitan parts of Lagos, where an array of delicious meals and snacks are offered to delight the populace. Our success over the years is attributable to our highly skilled labour, use of qualitative inputs, and combination of environmental friendly production technologies.


"Be the premium brand and first choice in Nigeria's fast-food business."
"Our mandate as the first choice premium brand in Nigeria's fast food business is to provide the highest possible quality products and services to customers through highly skilled and well-motivated workforce, using innovative and environmentally friendly production techniques to the satisfaction of all stakeholders."


The company started out as a family company. Children and families make up the primary focus of our activities.

Our culture of corporate philanthropy has enabled us to give back to the society, emphasizing on the tradition of family, with particular attention to the physically challenged children, due to our belief in children as the future of the country.

Our activities may take the form of direct financial support, donations of our products and other items to non - governmental and non - profit-making organizations and support for the employee scholarship fund. All these form part of our social responsibilities, aimed at enhancing the quality of life of the people within the various communities where we do business.


QUALITY POLICY: Our Company places a great premium on providing consistently, healthy and good quality food and excellent service in a serene ambience and hygienic environment to meet and surpass our valued customer's expectations while conforming to statutory and regulatory requirements.

HSE POLICY: TFC is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and operational environment.

WASTE MANAGEMENT POLICY: Wastes generated during operational activities will be disposed of in a manner that conforms to statutory and environmental legislation through Government approved waste disposal Agency while promoting environmental friendly packaging materials.

STAFF TRAINING POLICY: Quality services to our esteemed customers through continuous investment in modern technologies and dedication to training and retraining of staff aiming at adding values to the Organization and benefit to the societies.

MENU CLASSIFICATION: Tastee Fried Chicken is synonymous with an array of delicious, healthy and mouth-watering delicacies hygienically prepared in quick, warm, friendly and beautiful settings to the delight of our numerous customers. Please click on the links on the side to view items on our menu.