Somolu, which is popularly known as “Shomolu” is a local government area in Lagos, with the administrative, headquarter situated in Durosimi street in Shomolu.
Somolu is known for many things.  It’s central printing hub also has helped in its popularity in the Commercial hub of the country. You will find print shops for almost any print jobs at the Bajulaiye Road axis has offset and digital print shops. The biggest and most popular printing press is Kiakia is also situated in Shomolu and they are known to print for quality and capacity. Merchants come from all over Nigeria to get their jobs printed.
Somolu local government forms a part of the Lagos East Senatorial zone and also has a lawmaker representing her district at the Federal House of Representatives.
Somolu has a total of 403,569 population according to the 2006 Census. It is also a very affordable place to live in the state.