Apapa is one of the busiest Local Government Area in Lagos, it is also located to the west side of the Lagos Island. Apapa is a home for a large number of ports and terminals being operated by the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). 

Apapa is also home for the port of Lagos State and Lagos Port Complex (LPC).

Apapa has also been a home for all, the local government is been occupied by both the Poor and the executive people in the city.

In accordance with the 2006 census, Apapa has a total population of 217,362 persons.
It also home for some refineries like the Bua Group. Apapa has commercial offices of many shipping, clearing, and transportation companies. Apapa also has some prestigious buildings like the Folawiyo Towers. The Nigerian newspaper Thisday is also headquartered in Apapa, and so much more.