Ebute Metta is a major region on the Lagos Mainland, Lagos, in Lagos State, Nigeria. Ebute Meta is a Yoruba word for a place known as three shores. Ebute means shore and meta mean three.

The Mainland central has a number of remarkable buildings ranging from the Nigerian Railway Corporation headquarters, and the post office, St Paul's Catholic Church, the Oyingbo Market, a major bus terminal, Foucos Secondary School (a school built by the former minister for education), St. Saviour's School, Junior Strides Academy, Ajayi Memorial Hospital, Ijero Baptist Church Nursery and Primary School, Ebute Metta Health Centre, and shops of all types. Ebute Metta is divided into two main areas: East and West.

Ebute Metta serves as a major access route linking the mainland Lagos to the three main islands of Victoria, Ikoyi, and Lagos Island. A major network of flyovers and access roads connects these various parts of Lagos throughout the Iddo peninsula.