Lagos State, the Nigeria largest city and one of the fastest-growing economy in Africa and the world.
Residence in Lagos(Lagosians) has a belief about the difference of the day and Nightlife Lagos. Lagos has her beautiful morning, hustling midday, traffic evenings and dangerous nights but that doesn’t mean there is no sweet Night for Lagosians. The various destination in Lagos determines the Nightlife and freedom in the area.

Here are some areas in Lagos where you should be very security conscious

Oshodi (Under Bridge):

One of the busiest bus stop in the world. Always have a route to every destination in Lagos. Home for all, Home for None.  The beautiful ugly environment of Oshodi. In as much as Oshodi is the center hub of Lagos, it also has its ugly records which may never be kept clean in the nearest future. The Lagos state government has tried in its possible capacity to reduce the numbers of rogue in the area but Oshodi still has the highest number of rogue residing in Oshodi due to the number of bus parks and business activities.

If you get to find yourself in Oshodi by any time of the night, make sure you walk a little bit faster and a tighter grip of your valuables. If you are wearing an expensive wristwatch, rings or necklace it is advisable to remove it and keep in your bag.
Do not find yourself staying in a place you have to stand alone, make sure you stay in a place where you can see other people and make a quick friend going same way or walk closely to another passerby.
Nevertheless, this is not only for the people on foot but also for people driving pass make sure you have your windows closed and doors shut properly. Do not react to crazy cases or suspicious activities. No matter what happens do not step out of your car anyhow. Be patient and read the situation before making any move.

Third Mainland Bridge

It is said to be one of the longest bridge in Africa. The third mainland bridge is 11,800 m. The bridge is the most important one in the State. As it is the link between the mainland and the island. But it is another story for some people who have had some issues on the bridge. Might be from a flat tyre or car breaking down from one problem to another.
You must be very careful and try to keep your valuables safe, call for help as soon as possible.
If you are in a vehicle and this happens, take your phone out and call the Lagos State Emergency Agency (LASEMA) number. 08060907333 OR 08023127654