Smile Communications provides 4G LTE mobile broadband in several countries in Africa. Our objective is to become the broadband provider of choice for SuperFast mobile broadband internet and SuperClear voice services in each of our markets and to provide over 300 million potential customers in our countries of operation with a fast, reliable and high-quality broadband internet to accelerate development and wealth creation. Our mission is a fully connected Africa enabled by a team that is driven by passion, integrity, humility, and humanity.

Smile Communications aims to become the broadband provider of choice to everyone in Africa and enable Smile customers to fully benefit from the internet world. Our vision is a connected Africa. Our networks are helping businesses grow and individuals improve their lives using 4G LTE technology.

Our values are the driving force behind supporting our vision: Everything is possible when done with Integrity, Humility, Humanity and Innovation. This is how we approach every aspect of our job, every service and product we offer, and how we deal with our customers, partners and our staff.
SmileData and SmileVoice pricing and usage terms:

1. All prices include VAT.

2. Unused data, available after a data plan expired, can be rolled over with the recharge of a data plan that is similar to or bigger than the expired data plan. This is not applicable to Unlimited plans. More terms regarding Data Rollover is available here.
3. Bonus on Recharge for new customers (MiFi and Router) is available to all recharges within the first 90 days of activation.
4. A bonus is only available to 30-day validity plans.
5. Usage of Bonus received is split into 50% for Anytime use and 50% for Midnight use.
6. A bonus received can only be used before the paid data.
7. The bonus is valid for 7 days.
8. SmileData plans are valid as stated under ‘Validity Period’. The data roll-over rule applies when there is unused data left at the end of the validity period and the customer renews their data plan. This is not applicable to Unlimited plans and the validity period cannot be extended under any circumstances.
9. The Weekend Only plan is valid for use from Friday 21:00 (9pm) to Sunday 23:59 (11.59pm).
10. The MidNite plans are valid for use from 00:00 (12am) to 06:00 (6am) daily.
11. SmileLite data plans are capped at a speed of up to 2Mbps.
12. The out-of-bundle rate, which is equal to the in-bundle-rate will be charged to a positive airtime balance in the associated Smile account.
13. UnlimitedPremium, UnlimitedEssential, and UnlimitedLite plans are valid for a period of 30 days from date of activation, and this the validity period cannot be extended under any circumstances.
14. The Fair Usage Policy applies to the UnlimitedEssential and UnlimitedLite plans.
15. UnlimitedPremium, UnlimitedEssential and UnlimitedLite plans are available for personal use only and not available for wholesale.
16. UnlimitedPremium, UnlimitedEssential and UnlimitedLite plans can be used with one SIM card and one device, respectively.
17. Should the usage of a user negatively impact the experience of other customers, the right is reserved to reduce the data speed of such a user of the UnlimitedPremium, UnlimitedEssential, and UnlimitedLite plans.
18. SmileVoice has a fair usage policy of 3,000 minutes per 30 days.
19. SmileVoice calls are charged on a per second basis, from the first second.
20. The MB/minutes call rate is displayed for ease-of-use and calls are charged in kilobytes/second to the active data bundle.
21. International call rates are displayed in call rate per minute and charged per second. The data deducted for international calls are also displayed in MB per minute for ease-of-use.
22. SmileVoice is not available for reselling or to wholesale customers.
23. Refiling is illegal and Smile reserves the right to terminate services provided to any customer should it be suspected that any form of refiling or any other illegal activity is being conducted using SmileVoice or any other Smile service.
24.  An active data or voice bundle is required to benefit from FREE Smile-to-Smile calls

25. These pricing and usage terms will be read together with the General Smile Terms and Conditions of service.