The slave history museum was established in the year 2011. The slave trade museum is a place that reflects on the historical event of Nigeria. The slave trade museum is located at Marina Resort, Calabar.
The museum is really a place to visit in Calabar and have to spend some time learning so much on the slave trade activity in the country.

Many slaves were conveyed out of the country through the Calabar seas and this museum shows us how they were being transported and the life of these slaves on their journey to live with their new masters. The museums also have some audio presentation and stage by stage adventure by the slaves.  

The slave trade museum serves as one of the best slave museums in the country and exposes so much to our interest. No Pictures are allowed in the museum, as you would be guided through by a Tour Guide.
The slave trade museum made use of sculptures to make the representation of history in such a beautiful and historical fashion.