Over the years many Nigerians have been trying and working hard steadily to attain the possibility of the Cashless Policy. The cashless policy was rumored to have an impact on decreasing the use of cash notes.  According to the (CBN, 2011), Cashless policy aims to curb some of the negative consequences associated with the high usage of physical cash in the economy, including the high cost of cash, high risk of using cash, high subsidy, informal economy, inefficiency, and corruption.

One question on the mind of Nigerian remains, how safe is the cashless policy?
With the daily life of Nigerians now, they always make use of their debit cards either making payments on the POS or making a payment through payment gateways.

Here are tips on how to keep your debit card safe:
Be quick to make a complaint to your bank immediately you misplace your debit card or it is been stolen. It is very possible for you to block your card from your account before it gets to the wrong hands . Having the bank number handy is very important, we visit places daily and get engaged to many activities. Misplacing a debit card can happen to anyone, so don’t think you are exempted. Get your Bank Customer service Number now.

Protect Pin Number:
The pin number to your debit card is the passport to your cash and as such must be guided jealously. It is advised not to share your debit card pin with anyone either family members or even spouse. Sharing your pin with anyone gives them a right over your cash. Your debit card pin is also what you use in making a payment or withdrawing cash in the ATM machine. Please don’t share your card pin.

Use ATM only in Banks:
It is advisable to use your debit card in the bank rather than airports, subways, front of stores, and convenience places. There is a high risk of losing your card details in a machine without a surveillance camera. A skimming machine could be placed by a hacker and you enhance the chances to lose your card information. The bank operates a 24-hour surveillance camera and runs a firm security watch.

Avoid Using your debit card Online:
It is advisable not to use your debit card in suspicious websites because you stand the risk of losing your money. The internet is a free world and sometimes a weak security can be in place to protect your card. Top Payment gateways can be very secured and safe.