Honey Moon can be so much fun and at the same time might require a lot of planning and management. It is a very special moment for both the groom and the bride, thou there is more speculation that the bride wants the honeymoon more.
When it comes to the celebration of the groom and the bride there is some much to be considered, starting from the destination, the budget, the satisfaction, and memories.
One of the highlights of celebrating your marriage and the start of a new phase of life with your new spouse is the honeymoon!
The Bride: The bride would be the happiest woman on earth on this day and would definitely want to have the best, Sometimes she doesn’t care about the cost, place, or destination. She also believes that the destination of the Honeymoon is kept a secret from her and arranged by the Groom for the special day.
The Groom: The groom might be sharing feelings based on the planning, cost of the most memorable event of their lives. He also believes that the bride enjoys more of this grateful event.

The honeymoon is all about spending quality time with each other and also skyrocket the lives of the newly married couple.
There might be some ups and down which is very normal, little disagreements and fights but notwithstanding, do not forget to enjoy every of your moment with each other.
There is every possibility you might forget some things and even some hidden mind agendas but you have to face the time as it comes. With so many things happening around you, you must be very careful not to forget the joy and face the hurdles.
The newly married couples must also be ready to face reality and leave away fantasies. They must be able to know there is a difference from dreams and reality and must work together in making their reality a dream