Oguta Lake is said to be the largest natural lake in the south-Eastern part of Nigeria. The lake which is located in Imo State is a Slender lake formed by the damming of the lower Njaba River with alluvium within the equatorial rainforest region of Niger Delta.

The Oguta Lake's drainage basin comprises of the drainage area of the Njaba River and also a part of the River Niger floodplain in the region south of Onitsha.

The lake is a source of tourism, fishing and so much more. The lake is situated in Oguta about 30 miles from the intersection of the Ndoni and Orashi River. The water from the Njaba River is the major inflow to Oguta Lake.

Oguta Lake is important to the people of oil-rich Njaba River basin including Oguta, Orsu, Mgbidi, Nkwesi, Osemotor, Awo-Omamma and Izombe.

The Oguta lake is somewhere to visit and make sure you come with a Camera and something much more to explore the wonderful work of nature.