Calabar Carnival festival in Nigeria is rumored to be the "Africa's Biggest Street Party", and also the number one tourist destination for Nigerians and tourists all over the world. The Calabar Carnival invites people all over the world for the yearly events ranging from National visitors to International guests in attendance and representation. The party is unending and loaded with so much fun and activities. The beautiful ladies displaying their attires and beauty to the bikers displaying their skills.

The Calabar carnival is always an exceptional event that begins every 1 December and lasts until 31 December. The Carnival has boosted the cultural value of the Calabar people and also Nigeria. It is very entertaining and a must watch to guests all over the world and as such boosting the industry for associates.

The Calabar carnival started in the year 2004 and the originator was his excellency, Ex-Governor Donald Duke in his bid to make his state Calabar a tourism hub in the country. The Calabar Carnival has grown wide than expected and has a prestigious event in the history of the people.

The plan of the event at the carnival are aligned each year by the committee in charge of tourism and cultural activities and new programs are introduced every year. The Calabar Carnival also includes music performance from local and international artists, bikers carnival, Boat regatta, Fashion shows, Beauty pageant, Christmas Village, traditional dances.

Other activities include Essay Writing Competition which involves both secondary school and tertiary students. These competitions are aimed at resuscitating the reading culture amongst the youths of the State as well as inculcating the carnival culture.